Invite Zen in your Space with this premium natural smudge set. It includes:

- dried white sage (to clear negative energy, improve sleep & soothe anxiety)
- palo santo wood (natural relief for colds & flu, stress, asthma, headache & inflammation)
- pink Himalayan salt crystal (to naturalize air quality & lift up your mood. Keep it close with you or drop in your tub for soothing bath)
- detailed instructions for first time sage users

Thoughtfully handcrafted by Sherie in her Midwest Zen Space studio.

The Story Behind:

We enjoyed making, tying and putting these together in the morning as a family.  Winter saging is one of my favorite way to cleanse and promote healing in our spaces. Saging started way back home in the Philippines for me as a kid. On Sunday evenings, our dad would build a small fire so we can light up fragrant flowers, leaves and twigs we gathered and tied together that afternoon. We would talk about our week while we enjoy the warmth of the fire, each other’s company, and scents from our smudges. We didn’t call it smudge back then but simply ‘things we gathered from nature’.

Zen Smudge Set for Cleansing & Healing