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Chandra in Sanskrit means 'moon'.  Chandra features Aventurine, Turquoise, Howlite gemstone beads, Lava beads for aromatherapy (essential oil diffuser), Crescent Moon with crystal beads and a handmade vegan leather tassel. This necklace symbolizes courage to face changes, wholeness (turquoise), courage & stability (lava beads), healing (aventurine), mindfulness (tassel), spiritual purity (howlite), and life phases (crescent moon).

The Chandra Mala is made with 108 beads and thoughtfully handmade by Sherie as part of her meditative practice. Mala Bead Necklaces are traditionally used for meditation and mindfulness practices. You can also wear it anytime as an inspiration piece to bring positivity in your day. 

A simple way to use it is to find a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath, center your attention where you are, set a mantra or intention, then repeat the mantra as you thumb through the 108 beads. Close your practice with 5-10 relaxing deep breaths. 

Courage 108 Mala Meditation Necklace

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