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These Moon Lamps are made by our 10 and 12 year old boys.  Part of the proceeds benefit the charities and causes they support.

We love learning about the galaxy! Since we were very little, we've been creating art inspired by our Universe. We had so much fun painting these moon lamps. We hope it'll bring some light and cheers to your home and spaces

You'll get a 6 inch diameter Moon Lamp with battery-operated light (wood base stand sold separately).

To turn on and off, just lift your Moon and push the light underneath it. It's made of durable plastic so you can safely carry it anywhere you like. Set your Moon on any bowl, base, plate or any decorative small stand you have. Our mom loves setting hers on her singing bowls just like you see in the picture. You can also add to your order here a real wood base for your Moon.

~ Sloane Brothers

Handpainted Moon Lamp

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